What is MyAtlas?

MyAtlas is an online dashboard that lets you view milestones and connect with Edina Realty advisors working on your home purchase, sale, or refinance using just one username and password.

Clients who use Edina Realty Mortgage, Edina Realty Title, Edina Realty Insurance and HSA Home Warranty through Edina Realty, in addition to their Edina Realty agent, will have the most complete view of transaction milestones.

MyAtlas is the first tool of its kind in the nation and is only available at Edina Realty.

How do I get access to MyAtlas?

To get started, simply log in to your account on EdinaRealty.com, or register to create your free account, and you’ll be automatically connected to MyAtlas.

Do I need to create a separate login and password for MyAtlas?

No. You will access MyAtlas through your EdinaRealty.com account.

What does MyAtlas do for me?

MyAtlas lets you see exactly what’s happening along the way with your home purchase, sale or refinance. View the status of your loan application, stay connected to your team of advisors, sign up for moving assistance and more in your MyAtlas account.

Clients who use Edina Realty services including Mortgage, Title, Insurance and HSA Home Warranty through Edina Realty, in addition to their Edina Realty agent, will have the most complete view of transaction milestones.

When will my milestones on MyAtlas become visible?

When your purchase, sale, or refinance is underway, you will begin seeing milestones.

Who can use MyAtlas?

To use MyAtlas, you must first register to create an account on EdinaRealty.com and connect with an Edina Realty agent or Edina Realty Mortgage advisor.

Do I need to work with advisors from Edina Realty, Edina Realty Mortgage and Edina Realty Title to use MyAtlas?

Clients using all advisors from Edina Realty, including their agent, Mortgage, Title, HSA Home Warranty through Edina Realty and Insurance advisors, have the most complete view of transaction milestones. Clients using an advisor from only one Edina Realty company (e.g., agent or mortgage consultant) will still have access to the MyAtlas dashboard, but visibility to milestone progress will be limited.

Is MyAtlas secure?

MyAtlas uses the latest cybersecurity technology to keep your data safe. No financial information will be shared through your MyAtlas dashboard.

I'm trying to create an account on EdinaRealty.com and haven't received my verification email.

Sometimes, our verification email gets caught up in junk or spam. Please check both of these folders within your email for a verification from "notifications@myaccount.homeservices.com".

Why do I need to accept the Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure?

This notice, which pops up before you're able to view your MyAtlas Milestones, alerts you to the current fees of Edina Realty services under the umbrella of HomeServices of America. Please read the details of the disclosure prior to signing off, and let us know if you have any questions.

I tried to sign in but received a warning that my account couldn’t be found.

We recently increased our security standards, which included a new sign in format. If you previously had an account with Edina Realty, but are seeing “An account could not be found for the provided email,” simply go to the “sign up” link within the sign in form, set a new password and complete your information, and you will be logged into your account.

Why is EdinaRealty.com now requiring MFA (multi-factor authentication)?

EdinaRealty.com offers MFA for added security, however it is only required when you have MFA enabled on other Edina Realty services sites, such as HomeDocs or Edina Realty Title. Once you are logged into EdinaRealty.com, within the MyAtlas Milestones, you can access your Edina Realty Title portal directly without logging in again.

I was pre-approved with Edina Realty Mortgage and can see my milestones, but my agent isn’t visible, even though my website account is associated to them.

Your agent image and contact information will populate in MyAtlas once they file your transaction paperwork. All other Edina Realty advisors, for Title, Insurance and HSA Home Warranty through Edina Realty, will display as those advisors are assigned to your transaction.


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